Music of Rajasthan” involved deeply with folk music of Desert. The musicians of desert are hereditary caste musicians who belonged to a very low sector of society. They had a very important role to play in the rural society. There was hardly any ritual, ceremony or festival in desert where the presence of these musicians was not needed. Folk music is like Soul of Desert.

The Director of “Music of Rajasthan”, Praveen Singh Rathore has worked 11 year extensively in the field of Folk Music of Rajasthan. With the music field he also worked simultaneously on social issues. He worked on street kids of Jodhpur. He got “Special Jury Award” in 3rd International China India Kids Film Festival 2009, New Delhi, INDIA for his animation film on Child hood fear.

Praveen Singh Rathore also managed the audio-visual aspects of the “BROOM MUSEUM” (Arna-Jharna museums) it’s Dream Project of Legendry Folklorist Late Padam Bhushan Komal Kothari at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. He also worked as researcher of performing art of desert similar at Ruapyan Sansthan (Rajasthan Institute of Folklore). He helps many foreign scholars & students to complete their research work on Folk music. Working with desert artists communities of Rajasthan has been a tremendous learning experience for him. He likes taking up new challenges and considers that he has just begun his journey.

“Music of Rajasthan” is an Initiative to collaborate with the various folk performing artists of Rajasthan.

The “Music of Rajasthan” has an aim to present talented folk performing artist to National and International festivals and events around the world.”

Social Issues

Praveen Singh Rathore worked extensively on social issues. His work can been seen through his documentary films on Social Issues.

Praveen Rathore lost his two small kids in early age due to brain tumor.
Deaths of his kids make him to work on social development issues of street kids of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, INDIA.

Praveen Rathore started making small documentary films on Children well fare issues. He thinks that Film help people to understand reality of society and through film many social issues can raise and share to world.

Shades of Life

Documentary film “SHADES OF LIFE”


“Shades of Life” Documentary screen in 5th International Children Film Festival 2013 (ICFF), at Lucknow, India.

This documentary movie is a real life picture of three innocent street children aged below 10 years. In order to earn, these children belonging to community from MP (Madhya Pradesh) go around streets staging athletic & acrobatic performances. The elders are dependent on the earnings of these children. This film is showing the shades of their life – innocent yet mature. This movie also shows that child labor is one of the biggest issues around the world because it puts children in danger. This documentary movie gives message to save millions of children childhood as children are the future of our nation.

Documentary film “SHADES OF LIFE”

Getting Honor and sharing stage with Legendary Actor Tom Alter