Rajasthani Folk Dance Workshop

We welcome you to Rajasthan the Land of Gypsy dancers

“Music of Rajasthan” organizes Rajasthani Folk Dance Workshops. Under this project we welcome you all to learn Beautiful Folk Dances of Rajasthan.

Kalbelia Dance: Kalbelia is most Beautiful, Energetic dance by Gypsies of INDIA. It is said that Gypsies are originated from Desert part of Rajasthan, INDIA. Kalbelias are a part of larger group known as “Jogi” Jogies are mostly nomad people. Kalbelia families moved in villages and used to sing and dance before the family group. They danced with great abandon and joy during their life-cycle-events. For more information about Kalbelia Dance please check our DANCE PAGE of website.


WORKSHOP DATES …coming soon..2018

This project helps folk Dancer of desert & 20% share of the charges goes to folk dancers kids, for school books and other needs regarding education.
We promise that, we took you all to the journey of colorful desert Rajasthan, through our Folk Dance.

Kalbelia Dancer

Master Guru Kalbelia dance done lot of workshops in other countries. Now we invite you to her home land to learn Kalbelia dance and to experience culture and tradition of Desert.

Gypsies are Real Soul of Desert



This Workshop give you not only chance to learn beautiful soul full Kalbelia dance but also to experience the land of Gypsies, Rajasthan.
You will Learn Smooth moment of fingers and Strong Circle with Powerful foot tap on ground in form of Dance steps. Kalbelia dance will make you confident and skill full in other activities in life.
Feel like Gypsy Queen while learning Kalbelia Dance.